About Us

Meet the team: Thank you to everyone who is following this page and supporting our small business. Please allow us to introduce ourselves to everyone on this page. We are a team of 3 ❤️

Starting from Abhi - He is the incharge of production & anything to do with numbers (finance & accounts)! He is a night person and hence most of our candle production and work happens at night. He is currently working on bringing handmade (by him) eco friendly jars and is really passionate about this project (watch this space). His favourite scent from our range is pink peony.

Next to introduce is Ana (me) I look after the marketing, sales and social media. I plan where to spend money (lol) unlike abhi I am a morning person and get most of the work done during the day. I always thrive in bringing a Luxurious and artistic side to our ranges. My favourite scent from our range is Lemongrass & ginger.

Last but not the least to introduce is our little monkey Ari - he is cutest little helper in the house. He accompanies us in all our markets and is always praised by our lovely customers that how well behaved he is. He is truly the driving force behind Ara scents. His favourite scent from our range is Guava Lychee. Once again we are thankful for each and every follower and grateful for your support.